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Area of intervention

I have the ability to develop the project with you from the sketch to the realisation. I can carry out a complete mission, or take part partially :

  • consulting and expertise

  • design competition

  • preliminary design

  • lighting project

  • tender document, special technical specifications

  • proposal analysis

  • worksite supervision

  • lighting adjustments, programming, commissioning

Area of intervention

Photometric studies

I carry out photometric studies on DIALux Evo, for indoor and outdoor projects, landscaping and road profiles. My thinking is developed around natural light, with studies of daylight supply in buildings.


These studies simulate the distribution of light fluxes in space to characterize the physical magnitudes of light such as illuminance, luminance, glare indices. They provide a summary 3D rendering of the project.

Photometric studies
Computer graphics

Computer graphics

I produce infographics to represent a lighting project from various graphic documents:

  • day infographics (plans, cross-sections, perspectives, 3D views, diagrams)


  • day or night photographs

On-site expertise

On-site expertise

I offer specialized services on site :


  • diagnosis of existing lighting, to identify a problem, define needs and guide project choices. It is accompanied by an inventory of equipment, photometric measurements.

  • light tests, to present the light effects and validate the exact position of the lighting fixtures.

  • lighting adjustments, to guarantee the best light rendering and visual comfort.

Home automation

Home automation and lighting management

Technological advances make possible to control a lighting installation. Whatever the level of complexity and the needs of the client, I determine the architecture of the lighting management system (DALI, DMX, etc.) with the inclusion of presence and natural light sensors, control panels, remote control.


The methodology consists of identifying the needs of the project, designing the management overview and including it if necessary in the overall building management system by managing the interfaces with the other trades.


I propose the complete study and monitoring of the installation until commissioning. This applies to new or existing installations, in order to solve certain operational problems.

Street lighting management

Street lighting management

The evolution of society and our activities has made urban lighting essential and obliges us to control consumption. I support contractors who wish to save energy with their public lighting installation.


Rather than turning off the public light which brings security and comfort to users, I propose the establishment of a remote management system. They make it possible to manage the intensity and the temporality of the lighting to adapt to the users nocturnal needs.


I intervene in a district or a municipality to determine the appropriate technology and monitor the installation until commissioning.



I can realise customized lighting training, please consult me to tell me about your needs.

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