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Et la lumière fut
Conception lumière
Ingénierie de l'éclairage

Eclairage urbain | paysager | architectural | intérieur | événementiel



My experience

After ten years of light projects among recognized Lyon agencies, I offer my services as an independent light designer to architects, landscapers, engineering offices, communities, professionals and individuals who face a lighting problem.

Field of activity

Based in Lyon, my activity aims to design the luminous environments of urban and landscape spaces, and enhance the heritage built by light. My studies also focus on interior spaces regardless of their function.


It is indispensable to human life, it is undoubtedly involved in its quality. I consider it to be a material in its own right. To illuminate well is to combine shade and light to stage a space, to transpose an architecture, to reveal a landscape, to create ambiances, to arouse emotions.

My approach

It consists in considering the user as an essential element of the project, with a sensitive and aesthetic approach to light. I strive to bring quality light, placing the visual comfort and well-being of users at the heart of my concerns.

Technical skills

My field and on-site experience enables me to anticipate the implementation issues at the start of the project. My study methodology involves mastering technical aspects, such as device integration, mounting design, power networks, control and home automation. Operational constraints such as energy consumption and maintenance are also taken into account.


As I approach projects, I draw inspiration from the visits and trips through which I have developed a culture of light and I have a definite interest in photography, a field where light is fully illustrated.

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